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Order instructions!

To create a program for an embroidery motif requires the highest quality pictures of this motif. Therefore, please follow these basic instructions related to image formats that you send: bring or send an e-mail file in the PC vector format (CDR, EPS, PS, AI, etc.), Make sure that the image is converted into a curve. These are the most appropriate and highest quality image. Do you bring or send e-mail the image to PC bitmap format (TIF, BMP, JPG, etc.), Make sure that the picture is the greater axis of less than 1,500 pixels (for the sake of sending e-mail is suitable uncompressed JPG format). If it is on the paper, make sure that the print quality as - according to figures sent by fax programs do not work. Also, according to the hand-drawn pictures do not do the programs, except when it is desired look motives. Please no matter in what form image comes emphasize which dimension you want to be the motive and which elements of the image should be news.

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STIKMA d.o.o.

Slemenice 23


TEL +385(0)40 865 566

FAX +385(0)40 865 756


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