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STIKMA d.o.o., Slemenice 23

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The products in our offer

STIKMA now has six large machines with a total of 39 electronic head embroidery from the latest generacije.Uz service machine connections we also provide screen printing, digital printing, sublimation printing, and printing with different textile sheets.


Whether it is on pens, lighters, key chains, umbrellas or other promotional items, we ensure that your message to them is the extent of your želja.Obradovati friend or business partner a gift of something is what you can do if you take a look at our beautiful chest gift products or the way to convert your idea in reality.


Hats are now entered into the everyday use, either as a fashion accessory, sports equipment, marketing and promotional material or as part of a protective opreme.Štikma just puts great emphasis on the attractiveness to the design itself, and on the selection of the most appropriate model for the purpose for which you need caps. The latest techniques of embroidery, you can get a permanent and high-quality display of your logo, symbol or any other messages on their caps. Our technical capabilities are very broad, and thus your marketing advantages become more recognizable.


Shirts are increasingly required advertising and working materials, which without fear can have a great message format. The quality of the materials we use and connections are unquestionable, which will exclude the possibility of disappointment at their partner or the audience. Your character also remains durable and long recognized.



Safety at work is based on the primary assumptions using appropriate protective clothing and equipment. Well, to make your work and activities were fully recognized that it is not enough. ŠTIKMA offers you the possibility to have your working department besides its basic purpose of protection, look attractive and serve the promotion and marketing of your company. This will occupational health, sports, entertainment, at home or in the countryside to get a new dimension.



All that fire activity since ancient times seems so visually recognizable, such as the creation of symbols, emblems, flags and the like, all of that today with the help of the latest technology and hardware technology with ease of doing masters in ŠTIKMA. Please contact us, because we solve the most demanding wishes.



Pay special attention to the demanding job that has until recently been exclusively dependent on the master manual work, dedicate just preparing religious clothing and decorative items. Priestly robes, Rocket, chasubles, stoles, appeal, and altar-cloths or flags with the help of computer techniques can look just as you imagined. It is also possible along the lines of the old worn out chasuble make new ones with the same ornaments. Contact us and we will help you find the best solutions.



Are we talking about a cafe, restaurant or hotel, operating department personnel represent a key role in presenting and conveying the philosophy of your brand. Our job is to design and develop modern clothing that is easy to maintain, it is pleasant to wear and at the same time compliant and standards of the catering world. We produce a wide variety of clothing products for cooks, waiters, receptionists and support staff. Some of the isolated products are chef hats, cotton shirts, trousers, skirts, vests, blouses, shirts, jackets, aprons.


STIKMA d.o.o.

Slemenice 23


TEL +385(0)40 865 566

FAX +385(0)40 865 756


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